LOLPERA is a “giddily absurd” opera with a “compelling score” referencing everything from Gilbert and Sullivan to 80s power ballads. What began as a performance experiment turned into a full-blown epik clash between high and low art, with a libretto created entirely from the internet’s “biggest inside joke”: the multi-user-generated captions and images of the LOLCAT meme. 

The setting is Catcotopia, an Idiocracy-meets-Brave-New-World dystopian civilization ruled by internet obsession. LOLCo, a powerful media company headed by Happy Cat, maintains world order by ensuring that citizens are plugged into a steady stream of adorable cat pictures. The calamitous day arrives when Cheezburger runs low, and LOLCo must send the heroic Astrocat into the black beyond to save the world and return with a bounty of burgers!

 Meanwhile, the other kittehs search for their own Cheezburgers. Astrocat leaves behind his long-suffering mistress Precious Cat, who longs for hugs tiem! Will she be Forever Alone? Dreamer Cat shimmies his way into LOLco with a big dream. Will he rickroll his way to the top? LOLRUS has a bukkit. How will he ever recover when they be stealin it? Gutter Cat warns of the evil lurking within teh internets. Will anyone take heed of her crusty-eyed prophecies? Will Basement Cat rise again and control teh internets? And will Ceiling Cat do anything to save your soul, or will he just sit back and watch you masturbate?

Experience the glory and power of LOLPERA, an epik opera about teh internets … serious business. OMG. WTF. ROFLMFAO. Okthnxbai.